the end to the dropped bottle

My Story Dawn is a mother of four and the inventor of bobalong.

My Story

The birth of the bobalong was not any quick delivery! Looking back, I remember my continued frustration with dropped baby bottles, pacifiers and sippy cups. It was, in fact, while driving my van that my idea was first conceived. Straining to repeatedly reach my 10 month old daughter's dropped bottle in the back seat was an accident just waiting to happen. I felt there just had to be a something to solve this problematic and sometimes hazardous situation.

As I began to search the market for a solution, I was amazed to find nothing available that would conquer this seemingly universal problem…and so my journey began. My initial efforts at design were challenging, as I wanted to develop a product that was foremost safe, yet highly functional and simple in design. As well, I felt the product should be easy for mothers/caretakers to use and one that would help promote independence and confidence in self-feeding for age appropriate babies and toddlers. Several years and many prototypes later, the bobalong was finally born. Although my own four children have now grown well beyond its need, I am excited to know that I have created a product that may just bring a few more happy moments between other mothers/caretakers and their children.